Commercial Boilers

C-B Package Boilers understands that while the needs of our commercial customers vary widely, one concern remains constant operating efficiency. Our Power of Commitment compels us to deliver high efficiency products regardless of the capacity requirement.

We offer a full line of U.L, and/or CSA Listed commercial boilers [Watertube, Firetube and Electric Resistance designs] for use in schools, office buildings, apartments, libraries, universities, research labs, dry cleaning/laundries, government buildings, airports, hospitals and the like. These units can fire Natural Gas, Propane, Light Oil or non-fueled electric only that will provide steam or hot water for comfort heating or process requirements. Depending upon the application and product selected, fuel efficiency can be as high as 99%.

  • CB-SysteMAX
    • wireles Intellegent sending device for hydronic heating.

  • ClearFire Family
    • CB-Falcon advanced control for small steam and hot water boilers.
    • Model CFC full condensing hydronic heating boiler for gas firing with efficiency to 99%.
    • Model CFH low pressure or high pressure steam horizontal firetube with optional integral economizer package with efficiency to 85%.
    • Model CFV vertical high pressure steam firetube.
    • Premix linkageless burner for high turndown, full modulation.
    • Low NOx emissions <20 PPM as standard.
    • Model CFW vertical non-condensing hot water for pressures up to 125 psig.

  • Model FLX
    • Flexible Watertube for steam or hot water.
    • Can be furnished as a factory assemble package or as an option, a field erect package.
    • Quick steam and thermal shock resistant.
    • Gas, Oil, or digester gas.
    • Optional Low NOx burners to <15 PPM

  • Model FWT
    • Sizes 300 - 600 HP
    • Data in process

  • Electric Resistance
    • Steam or Hot Water.
    • Can be furnished as a factory assemble package or as an option, a field erect package.
    • 12 kW through 3360 kW.
    • Instantaneous Water Heater.

  • Model 4/5
    • Small footprint Type Watertube boiler.
    • Steam applications to 500 psig.
    • Gas, Oil forced draft burner.
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